Posted by: Steven M. Taber | June 9, 2008

Senate “Debates” Global Warming Bill

With much fanfare, last week the Senate began debating the Lieberman Warner Climate Security bill, which would limit the emission of greenhouse gases. Although when the debates began in earnest, there was a good, healthy discussion back and forth between Sen. Boxer on the one hand and Sen Inhofe, a well-known global warming nay-sayer, before long the debate devolved into a session about judicial appointees. The Republicans refused to waive the reading of the Bill, so for many hours the Congressional clerk(s) read the Bill into the record, effectively filibustering the Bill from being debated, let alone voted upon. In the end, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid had to send the Bill back to Committee. The result? Critical environmental issues were left undebated and unexamined. We will have to keep an eye on Rep. Markey’s bill over in the House of Representatives.

Links to transcripts of the debates: June 2, 2008, June 3, 2008 Part 1, June 3, 2008, Part 2, June 4, 2008, and  June 6, 2008,


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  3. […] “Senate ‘Debates’ Global Warming Bill,”  posted June 9, 2008. […]

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